Paul Harris, inventor of the Theraphi Device - 2016 NYC presentation.

Relax, Recharge, Rejuvinate


Theraphi Healing Technology

The Theraphi process is a  holistic, non-invasive method that restores the cells of the body to an  optimal state of health. It activates the body’s healing regeneration  system by producing a powerful bio-active field.

Plasma Waveforms

The highly-charged  plasma waveforms of this energy pass through your body resulting in a  recharging of cells. . The Theraphi’s two plasma tubes, with opposing  spin polarities, emulate the super-coherence of a healthy living energy  field. The waves converge in such a way that they focus and  self-organize to create an increase of order and vitality, stimulating  the natural healing process. 

Next Evolution In Healing

The Theraphi is the next evolution in  the healing technologies pioneered by Nikola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife,  George Lakhovsky and Antoine Priore.  Theraphi is a truly unique  wellness experience.  

A 30-minute session usually generates strong  feelings of relaxation, and reduced stress & anxiety by activating  the parasympathetic nervous system.  Other reported benefits include  feeling energized, metabolic acceleration, improved digestion, reduced  pain & inflammation, in addition to circulation & sensation  increase throughout the body.  

Passive, Non-Invasive

This completely passive, non-invasive  therapy is safe for most individuals to use regularly. There are no  known contraindications to other forms of therapy being used  simultaneously and no known adverse consequences or side effects  reported from its use to date.  All that is required is to simply lay  flat on a massage table (without removing clothing) for a 30-minute  session (no needles, no body contact, and completely private). 


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